FAJAR 1.5mm 2.5mm 4mm TRS Rubber Flexible Cord Cable 3core 4core 5core Weather Proof 100% Pure Copper Cable

1.5mm² (30/0.25) x 3 Core TRS RUBBER Flexible Cord Cables 100% Pure Copper

Single phase:
1.00mm = 10amp
1.50mm = 16amp
2.50mm = 25amp
4.00mm = 32amp

Three phase:
1.00mm = 10amp
1.50mm = 16amp
2.50mm = 20amp
4.00mm = 25amp

fahar cables

Conductor: Class 5 flexible plain annealed copper conductor
Insulation: PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)
Sheath: Synthetic Rubber
Colour of cores:
3-core: Brown, blue and green/yellow

Colour of sheath: Black
Rated voltage:
300/500 Volts

-Printing: As per standard printing
-Specification: Refer to MS 140 and BS 6500
-Industry approvals: SIRIM MS 140:1987
-Applications: Household appliances, power and lighting
-100% Pure Copper

Buy Quantity 1 = 1 Meter
1 Meter = 3.2FT (Feet)
Cable to be cut based on ordered length.
Any additional requirement please leave a comment.

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fahar cables