530pcs Heat Shrink Insulation Shrinkable Tubing Wire Cable Tube Wrap Sleeve 2:1 Tube Polyolefin Kit / heat shrink tube

530 Assorted Polyolefin Heat Shrink Tubing Tube Cable Sleeves Wrap Wire Set Multicolor
Big collection of heat shrink tubing, 8 Specifications, 5 colors.
Shrinking ratio: 2:1 (2 times)

The heat shrink is ideal for any project floor, for fixed breaks, electrical insulation, mechanical protection, wire bandwidth, wire connections, wire end processing, wire/cable connections, routine maintenance, color coding, etc.

Covered with wire, covered with a heat gun, soldering iron, hair dryer or even a lighter, the wire will shrink to protect the wire.

The heat shrinkable tube kit is made of polyolefin with a shrinkage ratio of 2:1, excellent flame retardancy and insulation properties, shrinkage, corrosion resistance and aging resistance.


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